House Caldera

Welcome to House Caldera,

We are the center of this phenomenal community of outstanding personalities, in other words, we are the Keanu Reeves of Seismic, as breathtaking as you are, you maybe are willing to contribute your magnificent self to the infamous House Caldera, to help us achieve an even brighter future.

Seriously tho, all the sugar talk aside, our House consists of mature people from all over the world who are here to play games in a friendly and also challenging environment (meaning you should bring a fair amount of common sense, we all do our jokes but also know when to stop). To ensure that everyone meets this standard we are a strictly +18 community. In addition to that we also emphasize voice activity to keep our community as engaged as possible. At the end of the day, this is why you are looking for a community, to meet likeminded people to play with and have a good time doing so. Therefore we offer you specific Division Events each week (whether those might be PvP or PvE related) and a big House Event each quarter, to get the most out of your precious game-time.

Obviously we are not the only house within this incredible community BUT you are not looking for A House to join, you are looking for THE House of all Houses. If so, you’re in the right place! Join us today and be a part of the next eruption that’s about to hit the gaming community (trust me, you don’t want to be outside of it, just look at Pompeii, back in the day)

Hope to see you around soon, in the best House you can imagine,

Divisions within the house