House Caldera

-= House Caldera =-

Hi guys, welcome to House Caldera, House Caldera is THE place to be for anything MMO related!

Our community is a friendly and respectful environment for people to have fun and make friends as well as find groups to do activities together. Whether you're looking to play casually and make friends, or looking to learn how to play at the top of your game, we strive to maintain an inclusive and chill environment.

-= Our Games =-

The Destiny 2 division, is one of Seismic's largest communities and is a fantastic place to be, if you want to learn one of the raids we've got you covered with our Sherpa events, if you are looking to fill your fireteam, and make some friends to play the game with Destiny is always better with friends!

Our World of Warcraft social guild has 2 raid teams, activity in Mythic+ and a guild in Classic, our weekly events include raids, mythic plus, pvp content, transmog runs, mount runs.

We recently added Lost Ark, as a new upcoming MMO, we are looking for ways to expand, and explore this new MMO!

-= Guidance and Rules =-

Being a relaxed community, we strive to keep this a place where people don't have to worry about anything once they put their headset on, and we also want to have members that will push Seismic forward to new heights. With that in mind there are a few rules in place, but with a bit of common sense you wouldn't even know they were there. Toxicity, general hate/hurtful speech is a big no no. Politics and religion could be thin ice so just be mindful of those.

All of this comes with being a decent human being, so if you think you check that criteria, just know that we also track discord voice activity on our website here. With this we like to keep track of who is active within our server and who is pushing Seismic's activity to the next level, because with Seismic we have a large turnover of members, and it's important we keep our roster's in check, so those who go over 2 weeks with no voice activity will be removed from our active roster. Don't worry though, you can let a Division Coordinator or Officer know and your permissions will be re-enabled immediately

-= Join! =-

Come join Seismic, you won't regret it. We strive to make our community the best place on the internet, for any games our community show interest in, and providing cool places to find like-minded peeps to game with!

See you soon, friends

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