House Caldera

Welcome to House Caldera,

Here at House Caldera, we have fiery impact on this Glorious community! We bring to the table some of hottest games out, from Apex, to Modern Warfare, Overwatch and Valorant. Each one of these having their own Divisions within the house. You will find great teams to group up with, as well as awesome people to just hang out in general with. There is never a dull monement in this house :D

We are a social community of gamers striving for the best game experience possible! With that being said there are a few basic rules all of witch should come natural just as long as you have a little common sense! We believe communication is key, there for there is a 2 week voice chat policy that requires you to have active chats within the community at least once per 2 weeks. Going to be away for some reason? No problem! just get in touch with your Divisional officer or coordinator and they will work with you. Also we have strict policy of keeping our members 18 and up to ensure maturity within the community. And as always mind what you say, this should come without saying. XD

If you have come looking for the best place to play all your games ( lets be honest you wouldnt be reading this if you werent :P) no need to look any further! You have found your safe haven, your happy place, and you have found a home with House Caldera!


Divisions within the house