House Ash (Old)

Hello everyone, welcome to House Ash!

We are the first ever console House for Seismic Gaming. We are a very diverse group of people that love to have fun and create bonds with each other. House Ash currently houses two major games/franchises for xbox, Rainbow 6 siege and the Call Of Duty! There are multiple games we are going to add in the future but for now we are still building up these games to their potential!
House Ash was created around mid 2019 and has recruited a lot of good and friendly people. We are a non competitive clan and like to stay on the casual side of things, sorry to all those comp players. We do have a Xbox group that you should join if you are accepted into our Clan and keep a look out for fellow members looking for others to play!!!!

If you have any further questions after joining just let the Correct officer/ coordinator of the division you joined know what’s going on! If you can’t contact them then message the House Head of Ash! Have fun, stay active, and welcome to Seismic Gaming!

Divisions within the house