Division SG-DI

Division SG-DI

Rainbow Six: Siege

-= Ethos =-

In the rainbow 6 siege division we are looking to facilitate a friendly, respectful but competitive environment for people to have fun and make friends as well as find the serious competitive vibe that people are looking for out of a tactical shooter. We have a lot of people who are here just to play casually and make some friends and it is important to us that we everyone is treated equally, that being said they are plenty who are here to just play ranked and find a stable group to play with.

Whatever you are looking for there is a space for you within the community. We want to create a balance and a special relationship between those ranked and casual players so that the community is united under one shared passion: Siege.

-= Community =-

As division coordinator, myself and our staff members run weekly events for the whole community to participate in. Events such as scrims (a pro league like custom match which establishes a competitive environment focused on communication and teamwork) and other custom games too. Drinking events are also a commodity within the house, so feel free to participate. That being said anyone and everyone are more than welcome to run events for siege whether it be scrims or just some good old fashioned messing around.

-= Mentoring =-

We are currently developing a mentoring system within the division, where people who are new to the game or those who are looking to get better from some of the more experience players can do so. It is essentially a programme of which you may participate in it as much as you please and you will learn basic attacking and defending strategies, as well as game and map knowledge such as weapon attachments, callouts and mouse sensitivity options for aiming and any other crucial information that you need or desire. This will be specialised and improved every day so that we can cater for as many players as possible.

No Specific Requirements except the ones set out by Seismic in general.