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-= Applicants =-

It is recommended to take your time to both fill out the application as well to read the fine print within the application.

We all play video games. It's a gaming clan. Tell me something interesting about you, and why you'd be good to shoot aliens with us! This includes anything from hobbies or jobs etc.

-= Clan in General =-

Within the SG-II Seismic Gaming Destiny Division you will find a mix of different characters working together to achieve the same goals. Whether you are EU, NA, Asia & Australia, there is someone who you can play with.

Don't let your dreams be dreams. Join Seismic - we will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's really deep btw :P

-= Events =-

The D2 clan in Seismic is constantly active, having global coverage. Best way to meet people to play with is to drop into the hangout / tower lounges and get to know people. It often acts as a holding bay, with people then splitting off to Raid or Gambit or Crucible. Might contain strong language, but always in good fun. If you find if off putting don't be afraid to say so, we want everyone to feel comfortable.

-= Requirements =-

Discord name must match in game name.

Must be active in game AND in Discord within a 3 day period, or considered abandoned application & removed. You can always apply for a vacation if you have more important stuff IRL, after all, this is just a game. Real life issues always come first

Feel free to DM me if you happen to have any questions.


- Strictly 18+
- Voice chat is Mandatory. 14 day inactivity policy (without reason).
- Personality Required, we have enough bullets.
- Patience: Skill comes with time.
- Leave your drama at the door. We're here to kill aliens.
- English speaking guild, but plenty of other languages being Global (none officially supported).

If you're unsure what any of these mean, please contact SG_StrafeHunter, and I'll explain it to you in a less-formal way.