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-= Ethos =-
Within Seismic, Destiny 2 is one of the most active communities, with goals of building connections, friendships, and enjoy our beloved games with clanmates. We have people in the community who focus on various aspects of the game and are always looking for more people to add to their regular gaming group!

-= Community =-
Our awesome staff in Destiny 2 work tirelessly to provide multiple events each week, between fun events, triumph/loot hunts, or grind events for different time zones! We strive to create a friendly place where people are here to help out, run random activities, or just hang out and have a good time! We also have a team of experienced Sherpas that can explain raids, crucible, dungeons, and mentors who can help you with getting you character set up for different activities!

-= Application =-
So, if you are tired of bouncing around on LFG servers to get your daily grind done or if you just want to have a good time playing destiny, go ahead and send us an application!

(You should expect a response to your application within 24h)

If you feel like youre a mature and friendly person and are looking to be an active member within a clan, then Seismic can be the place for you.

-= Rules =-

- We only have a couple of requirements for new applicants, that you are 18+ and that you have a working mic. We only like to have regularly active players meaning after 2 weeks of no voice activity players are liable to be kicked without viable reason meaning a working mic is essential.

- Zero tolerance for toxicity, racism, sexism etc all of that you know the drill.

- This is NOT A COMPETITIVE environment. We are a simple casual community doing casual community things.

- We do all of the end game activities, and have some people who play trials and comp, but it is not our focus.

The application is our way of getting sense of who you are, what you do and how you would like to contribute to Seismic.

Your application HAS to include:

- Which games are you focusing on?

- Some biographic information (e.g. professions, other hobbies, sports etc.)

- The reason why you would like to join Seismic

-Are you free to play or have you bought expansions and/or the current season?

Make sure the name you choose on this website / discord is the same as you’re in game alias (steam name)!

Example application:
Hello there!

I am ______, I am __ years old and I live in ____. Since NES is a thing, I have been playing video games. I enjoy mostly AAA's and occasional indies, but I favor Action, FPS and RPG games. I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy novels. And Star Wars. Yes I specify it exclusively =)

I wish to join Seismic because my and my friends' working hours usually do not match and I am mostly solo, and I wish to play with a group, and regularly. From the impression, Seismic can provide this environment and means, and I can be a valued member.

I have bought Legendary Edition recently so I have access to all expansions, plus Season 13-14-15. I had the game back in B.net, with CoO and Warmind, but quit after Warmind, came back last month.