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-= Welcome =-

This is the BDO division, we are a community of friendly and mature people. A community of people with a common goal, who thrive to work as a team and make sure no one is left behind. Does not matter if you are a veteran player or a new player you have a place here with us, as long as your a team player and follow our community requirements. We currently have one guild in each region NA and EU.

Any questions please ask Redfred90

This Division is PC Only

We are looking for mature and friendly people, with the common goal of wanting to be apart of a team and to have a good time. Please no drama, we have a zero tolerance for people who want to bring drama to our community.You will be kicked without hesitation, so please keep it to yourself. Players must be 18 or older, please only apply if you are old enough. Discord and a working mic is essential, need to use voice channels while playing the game. Activity in voice channels and in game helps us see who is active and who has gone cold turkey on us. So please be active, activity in game also determines your pay each day. Please set your server as NA_Valencia4 for members who plan on playing on NA region and set your server as EU_Valencia4 for members who plan on playing on the EU region.

When you fill out your application please tell us a little about yourself. Please also include your in game family name, your main characters name, which guild you would like to join (EU guild or NA guild). Please have your family name match your discord name, if you can not have your family name the same as your discord please let Redfred90 know please.