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Welcome everyone to the Rocket League Division, a division full of people willing to have fun and kick some balls.

-=Who are we?=-

Casual Rocket League players 18+ willing to play with anyone and have fun on the field.


As a new division we need some time to come up with a schedule of the events but they will consist of fun playlists, casual gaming, workshop maps, coaching sessions and if you are in for that, RLCS viewing parties.

- Strictly 18+
- Be active in chat and voice chat.
- Don't sweat.
- Patience: Skill comes with time and we will never judge someone for his/her skill.
- Leave your drama at the door. We're here to enjoy the game.
- We mostly speak English so use your own language only when there are times you know everyone can understand you.

For any questions about any of the above just send a message to SG_Pap in a less formal way and he will explain everything.