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Rocket League
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‣ Welcome ‣

THIS. IS. ROCKET LEAGUE. We're a bunch of 18+ filthy casuals who are oddly fascinated with balls. We enjoy being the best we can be, but take the chillest route to get there.

ALL skill levels
ALL regions
ALL platforms
(but select PC as your platform when applying)

We don't have RLRS aspirations, or sponsor competitive teams. Instead, we provide a vibrant community of casual players who are passionate about gaming together.

We host tons of events, such as custom maps, coaching sessions, tournaments, drinking games, and more!

‣ Clan ‣

We're all-adult (18+), so we tend to be more relaxed than the average gaming clan. Strong language will happen, but always in good fun. Once you put on those headphones, your worries should melt away.

As a worldwide org, Seismic has members from most regions. Because we're active across time zones, it's easy to find a party regardless of your schedule. We're over 2000 players between ~20 games, but our Rocket League division is a tight knit crew where you won't feel lost in the crowd.


‣ Strictly 18+
‣ Voice chat mandatory
‣ Leave your drama at the door
‣ English is the common tongue
‣ Don't sweat (...too hard) - we're all at different points in our RL career

We're seriously hardcore about exactly one thing: finding the right people to bring into our ranks. So, introduce us to the gamer behind the handle. Tell us something interesting about who you are - a hobby, accomplishment, or fun story is perfect!

Any questions, hit up Ravenna2242#5540 on Discord.