Division SG-DIX

Division SG-DIX

Fallout 76

Welcome to the Fallout 76 division.

We are a large but close-knit division, building up our roster for more significant and larger events within Fallout76
given the information on the game so far Ezalore and I will be coming up with multiple activities for our clan to participate in.

Our events will mostly consist of:
The events tour of duty (doing all events)
The workshop tour of duty (capturing/defending all Workshops)
Activities based around helping new players
Duelling competitions

Events aren't for you? there are many other things such as
Build settlements with faction members
Hangout in the discord
Theorycrafting and character build making

We hope to see you in the wasteland soon traveller.
SG_Gebbet Game Coordinator

PC only.
Console players, unfortunately, cannot be accepted at this time.