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‣ Welcome ‣

THIS. IS. ROCKET LEAGUE. We're a bunch of 18+ filthy casuals who are oddly fascinated with balls. We enjoy being the best we can be, but take the chillest route to get there.

We don't have RLRS aspirations. We don't sponsor teams. Instead, we provide a vibrant community of casual players who are passionate about gaming together.

ALL skill levels
ALL regions
ALL platforms (if yours isn't listed, just note it in the body of your app)

‣ Clan ‣

As a worldwide org, we have members who play on most servers. Because we're active across time zones, it's easy to find a party regardless of your schedule.

We're all-adult (18+), so we tend to be more relaxed than the average gaming clan. Strong language will happen, but always in good fun - we're all about making sure everyone feels comfortable and included. Once you put on those headphones, your worries should melt away.

To spur the fun and introduce members to each other, we host weekly events. This includes fun playlists, workshop maps, coaching sessions, tournaments, drinking games, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

The fun doesn't end at Rocket League. We're over 2000 players between ~20 games. We make it easy to apply for and participate in other divisions. Check out our homepage for a listing of games we're currently playing.

‣ Applicants ‣

We're seriously hardcore about exactly one thing: finding the right people to bring into our ranks.

So help us get to know the person behind the handle. Tell us another game or two that you enjoy. Tell us something interesting about who you are - hobbies, jobs, an accomplishment, or experience you think we'd find interesting.

‣ Strictly 18+
‣ Voice chat mandatory
‣ Don't sweat (...too hard) - we're all at different points in our RL career
‣ Leave your drama at the door
‣ English is the common tongue - use another language only when you know everyone that can hear you will understand

For any questions, hit up SG_Soleniae