Division SG-DXVII

Division SG-DXVII


Ahoy Fellow pirates and sea travelers to the new Division

We have just started up a new division with growing hype in the clan and around the game so like minded individuals who want to start exploring the world can jump on the ship with us!


We are a friendly and diverse guild with a mixture of personality's having lots of fun and will make Atlas a 110% more enjoyable with fellow clan mates

Pirates of all skill welcome aboard.levels classes are all welcome,all we ask is you fit the requirements of the seismic community guide lines.

The application process is our way of getting sense of who you are and the contribution you bring to Seismic with it. Therefore your application should include:

- Which games you're interested in?

- Whats your occupation?

- What do you like to do in your free time besides games?

- Why do you want to join Seismic?