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As of now, Seismic's focus has Shifted to Classic, this does not mean members are not playing Retail, but the majority of the interest has moved away.

During Classic we will be playing Alliance on Mograine-EU PVP

Raid Schedule :
Thursdays 19:00-22:00 BST
Saturdays 19:00-23:00 BST

We will also have a slot of Wednesday 19:00-22:00 BST as a third raid day if we feel we need it to clear both Onyxia and MC, And this day also likely to be implemented in phase 3 once ZG is also released

Seismic is currently on the EU-Ravencrest server and Alliance faction on Live

We'll also be running normal events such as Random Battlegrounds, World PVP, Dungeon runs and Duel events!

Requirements to be a member of the guild will be to stay active ingame and on discord

While applying, please let us know what you intend to play during classic, just so i get an idea :D

We are a social guild above all else, so while raiding, having fun and epic banter is a MUST, we will not fall into a pit of people getting shitty with others, if we wipe.. we wipe, pick eachother up and have FUN