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World of Warcraft
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World of Warcraft
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Seismic is a social guild with 2 raid teams, one social and one prog, and an active mythic plus community.

During the week the WoW division runs events including raids, mythic plus, pvp content, transmog runs, mount runs, and also non WoW events, such as other games within Seismic, or social activities like Jackbox or Cards Against Humanity.

Seismic Gaming is a large community with multiple games supported with their own divisions that all members can freely play and interact with.

We are excited to see new players join our guild and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact SG_NaegaPenguin (Game Coordinator)

Basic Requirements
‣ Strictly 18+
‣ Voice chat preferred (Discord)
‣ Leave your drama at the door

Character requirements
‣ For social members, no ilvl required
‣ For social raiding teams minimum ilvl 230
‣ For progression raid members minimum ilvl 245

For any questions, hit up SG_NaegaPenguin