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Welcome to the Smite division!

In the Smite division we're looking to create a friendly, respectful, non-toxic and engaging community for people to have fun and find friends to play this awesome game with.

We have players that enjoy all kinds of modes from Joust to Assault and we hope that you will find the kind of players that you are looking for!

Currently the Smite division has been steadily growing, soon we will organise more events in which you can participate!

As the division coordinator I hope that you will join us in our group of goofs
See you in the battleground of the Gods!


If you feel like you're a mature and friendly person and are looking to be an active member within a clan, then Seismic can be the place for you.


- We only have a couple of requirements for new applicants, that you are 18+ and that you have a working mic. We only like to have regularly active players meaning after 2 weeks of no voice activity players are liable to be kicked out of the division without viable reason meaning a working mic is essential.

- Zero tolerance for toxicity, racism, sexism etc all of that you know the drill.

- This is NOT A COMPETITIVE TEAM. We are a simple casual community doing casual community things


When filling out an application, give a description of the type of person you are, any hobbies you might have and any other gaming related info about yourself. just so we know a little bit about who we're letting into our clan!