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Welcome to the VALORANT Division!

We are a relaxed, mature gaming community where you'll be able to regularly 5 stack for unrated, ranked, spike rush and customs. If you're sick of solo-queue toxicity and want to enjoy VALORANT in a chilled out environment then you will certainly enjoy the division and wider community in Seismic Gaming!

We are a CASUAL only clan. While you will regularly find people playing ranked mode together (and, of course, we do play to win) we still play mainly to have fun. We play to enjoy the game with others in our community who have come to VALORANT from a variety of gaming backgrounds and abilities.

You do need to be active in the Voice Channels and a microphone is required - part of what makes Seismic Gaming great are our members and the friendships we form with each other. Verbal communication is therefore vital not just for playing VALORANT effectively, but to help everyone make the most of Seismic Gaming's large and active community.

We have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity and any instances will be dealt with swiftly by staff.

You're probably wondering what the staff actually do? Staff make sure we have safe and friendly environment where anyone can play, run events for its members and try to make sure we have an active division and people to play with.

Any questions that you want to ask open up a support ticket in our Discord server.

The Division Co-ordinators:

- Have a Microphone
- Have 2 hours of voice activity within two weeks
- 18+
- Good attitudes

Read the guidelines of Seismic.

It is also recommended to take your time filling out the application and to share a bit about yourself. Tell us why you want to join. We read all the applications and will greatly enjoy any fun stories you have from game experience or from every day life.