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Lost Arc - Division is closed

If you feel like youre a mature and friendly person and are looking to be an active member within a clan, then Seismic can be the place for you.

-= Rules =-

We only have a couple of requirements for new applicants

- 18+ and that you have a working mic. We only like to have regularly active players meaning after 2 weeks of no voice activity players are liable to be kicked without viable reason meaning a working mic is essential.

- Zero tolerance for toxicity, racism, sexism etc all of that you know the drill.

- This is NOT A COMPETITIVE CLAN. We are a simple casual community doing casual community things

-= Application =-

Please ensure your Seismic ID matches your Steam ID!

Our application process is simple, quick, and not strict, but we do like to know some small details about the individuals we have in our clan, to ensure you are a good fit for our community! Please give some small information about your lifestyle, some hobbies, games you are currently focusing on.

Below is an example of a great application that we received:

“ Hi!

My name is _____, I am ___ years old and am from __________. I have been gaming ever since I was 15 years old.

I have enjoyed the Lost Ark Beta and am looking to join a community and in game Guild. I am looking to join a community to make it easier to establish groups for activities.

My main hobbies outside of gaming are going on walks, playing basketball and going to the pub with my friends.

I look forward to hearing back from you!“

Copying and pasting this example will get you denied by the way :)

We look forward to receiving you application and will hopefully see you in-game!