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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

With over 40 members in the CSGO division the CSGO staff and members are looking to reach new goals every month! Always fighting the ups and downs in-game and outside of gaming with eachother, i can only explain our division as a whole bunch of really cool friends!

We are focused on a casual way to play competitively within CSGO; sounds strange, I know. But no matter the outcome of the game, we are here to have fun, and some people express fun by winning, and that's just how humans work but don't forget with the right people you can have a very good time even if the whole team is loosing 0-16! And that is what differentiates us from other CSGO clans, coming home Friday evening after work hopping online and having a lot of fun!

The CSGO division is rather small in Seismic Gaming and i want you people to help me change that!

Division Management
Within Seismic Gaming, there is a management team in charge of each division. Their role is to organise events, recruit players and ensure the smooth running of the division. Because the CS:GO community within Seismic is still developing, there is only one staff member currently. Please reach out to him if you have questions.

Division Cordinator - SG_PARO
Division Officer - Vacant

Rule braking will lead to warnings or removal

• Follow the Seismic rules
• 18+ years of age, no exceptions
• Respecting other members
• Politics and Religion are prohibited topics
• Zero tolerance for any sort of cheating
• Zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, racism or sexism

When filling out an application please describe urself outside of gaming, you dont need to share everyting, applications are mostly based on what type of gamer you are but we also would like to know who the persone is behind the computer!

If you are having trouble writing an application, follow theese words, Who/why/what, for example
• Who you are (age/country/work)
• Why you are (Applying/gaming)
• What you are (looking for/planning/type of gamer)

Do mind that the word cap is there for a reson, filling out the apllication with random words just to reach the cap will result in a denial for your application!

If you are still having a problem of any kind with your application you can contact the CSGO staff via discord DM

If your application gets accepted you will get more information on via discord!
If your application gets denied you will get a description of what caused the denial of youre application and you are always welcome to make a new application or contact the staff via discord DM!