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This game is dormant in Seismic so the activity is low.
We're a group of 18+ casual, non-toxic gamers who play to be social and have fun.

Come be part of a convoy and enjoy the co-op races and challenges, or amaze us with your designs, challenges and tracks. Sometimes we do private races, where you can hone your skills and try out your newest car or tuning. We focus on having a great time as we get ourselves to the finish line.

At the moment we only have players for FH5 but there's potential to play other games in the series.

We look forward to zooming down the roads, trough the swamps and over the fields with you. With a bit of luck we might not run into any trees.

You need:
– to be 18+ years of age.
– to have a microphone
Activity in voice channels is required as it keeps the server healthy and growing.

You can be:
– any level
– on either Xbox or PC
– in any region on planet Earth

Need inspiration to fill out the application?
Bellow is suggestions for questions you can answer to compose your text.

Since our main focus is to be social we would like to know something about you not game related.
– Who does your family consist of?
– What do you do when you’re not playing computer / video games?

We are about gaming after all so tell us something about your game experience.
– Which is your favorite car?
– What is your favorite part of the game?
– What is your favorite type of race?

And lastly.
– Why do you want to join Seismic Gaming?
– What expectations do you have?