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Welcome to the League of Legends Division!

Here in the League of Legends division we are always up for a good time on the Rift or the Abyss. If you like playing in a chilled out and relaxed environment then look no further as you wont find a better place than here!

We are a CASUAL only clan. There are no plans at the moment for competitive/e-sports/pro league play at this time. This isn't a place for only high skill people. Its a place for all skills to come and chill playing cod with friends. Nothing more nothing less.

In Our Division,
We host Bi Weekly events for it's members and they are probably the best reason for you to join us, everyone has a great time from "Late night scrims" to a 5 stack sweating it out together, there is something for everyone.

League of Legends Staff
Our division managed and ran by staff, probably wondering what the staff actually does? Staff make sure we have safe and friendly environment where anyone can play, run events for its members and make sure we have an active environment so there is always people to play with.

Any questions that you want to ask open up a support ticket in our discord server
You can message any of the staff below:

Your Division Co-ordinator:

- Activity in our division is required especially voice channel as it keeps the division healthy and growing
- It is also recommended to take your time to both fill out the application as well to read the fine print within the application.

-Have a Microphone
-Have 30 minutes of voice activity within two weeks

Struggling to hit the 250 character limit ? Try answering these questions in your application!
What do you do for a living ?
What are your hobbies ?
What are you interested in ?
What lane is your favourite ?
Who is your favourite champion ?
What do you think of yummi players ?
Who do you insta ban?