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Welcome to your new League home

Here in Seismic you'll find a casual group of gamers that focuses on good vibes over all else. Come relax on the Rift or hang in the Abyss with legendary friends after a long day of real life.

We host bi-weekly events, with gamers on daily. Come experience the chill side of League.


We're currently majority NA, but are EUW friendly and actively growing this segment of our League group. Many of us have accounts on both regions, so just shout the region you wanna play on when you're lfg.


Just open a support ticket on our Discord - we're super responsive.


‣ Mic
‣ 18+
‣ Be chill
‣ Play once a month

Ideas to kickstart your app:

‣ Tell us an awesome story about yourself!
‣ What's a cool hobby you're into?
‣ Who's your fav offmeta champ?
‣ What's your opinion of Yuumi players?