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-= Ethos =-

Our Destiny 2 community is a friendly and respectful environment for people to have fun and make friends as well as find groups to do activities together. Whether you're looking to play casually and make friends, or looking to learn how to play at the top of your game, we strive to maintain an inclusive and chill environment. We run everything from casual strikes to endgame pve activities (GM/Raids etc) as well as pvp events (Iron Banner/Crucible mentoring)

Whatever you are looking for, there is a space for you within the community. We want to create a balance and a special relationship between those pve and pvp players so that the community is united under one shared passion: Destiny!

-= Community =-

Our staff are dedicated to fostering an amazing community, and we hold multiple events every week at both EU and NA times, from social events to triumph/loot hunts! In addition to these fun events, our clan also has a team of experienced Sherpas that help to teach Raids and other activities in a relaxed and low-pressure environment. Our community is super friendly and always happy to help out with questions, run in-game activities together, or just hang out together and have a good time!

-= Application =-

To apply, you should be at least 18 years old, have a certain amount of maturity and interest in meeting and playing with new people in a friendly environment.

So, if you're tired of bouncing around on several LFG groups to get your grinding done or if you just want to have a good time playing destiny, go ahead and send us an application!

(On average your application will be reviewed within 24 hours.)

The application is our way of getting sense of who you are, what you do and how you would like to contribute to Seismic. Therefore your application HAS to include:

- Which games are you focusing on?

- Some biographic information (e.g. professions, other hobbies, sports etc.)

- The reason why you would like to join Seismic

-Are you free to play or have you bought DLC and/or the current season?

Make sure the name you choose on this website / discord is the same as you’re in game alias (steam name)!