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-= Ethos =-

For our Destiny 2 community we aim to have a friendly and respectful environment for people to have fun and make friends as well as find the serious vibe that people are looking for out of this game. We have a lot of people who are here just to play casually and make some friends and it is important to us that everyone is treated equally, that being said they are plenty who are here to raid, high end Nightfall and all that end game stuff.

Whatever you are looking for there is a space for you within the community. We want to create a balance and a special relationship between those pve and pvp players so that the community is united under one shared passion: Destiny!

-= Community =-

As division coordinator, myself and our staff members run weekly events for the whole community to participate in. Events such as Sherpas (where you can learn a specific raid in a relaxed environment, take on key roles, which can sometimes be difficult in LFG groups) and other custom events too, we are always watching our community and our chats to see what type of activities are needed, and try to create those events to offer people help. Community events are also a commodity within the house, so feel free to participate. That being said anyone and everyone are more than welcome to run events for Destiny whether it be specific weapon grinds or just some good old fashioned messing around.

-= Mentoring =-

We have an established mentor team within the division, where people who are new to the game or those who are looking to get better from some of the more experience players can do so. It is essentially a programme of which you may participate in it as much as you please and you will learn raid mechanics etc from sherpas, as well as some pvp mentoring. We have hosted simple activities like Mentoring sessions where we have displayed useful 3rd party apps, and how to use them effectively, Mod reviews and character builds, and all sorts of things like this. We are always looking for feedback on our events to improve them, our 'staff' team are all volunteers, and compiled of keen Destiny players just like yourselves, so nothing is beyond them to help to maintain a thriving, and happy community.

Read the Next tab, Division Requirements to learn about what’s required and how to form your application.

If you feel like youre a mature and friendly person and are looking to be an active member within a clan, then Seismic can be the place for you.

-= Rules =-

We only have a couple of requirements for new applicants

- 18+ and that you have a working mic. We only like to have regularly active players meaning after 2 weeks of no voice activity players are liable to be kicked without viable reason meaning a working mic is essential.

- Zero tolerance for toxicity, racism, sexism etc all of that you know the drill.

- This is NOT A COMPETITIVE CLAN. We are a simple casual community doing casual community things

-= Application =-

Please ensure your Seismic ID matches your Steam ID!

Our application process is simple, quick, and not strict, but we do like to know some small details about the individuals we have in our clan, to ensure you are a good fit for our community! Please give some small information about your lifestyle, some hobbies, games you are currently focusing on.

Please include your current status within Destiny, if you are F2P, or if you have all the latest expansions and seasons.

Below is an example of a great application that we received:

“ Hi!

My name is _____, I am ___ years old and am from __________. I have been gaming ever since I was 15 years old.

I've been playing Destiny 2 now for 2 years (mainly PS4) but have recently switched over to PC. I am looking to join a community to make it easier to establish fireteams, and learn raids.

My main hobbies outside of gaming are going on walks, playing basketball and going to the pub with my friends.

I have Beyond Light, and the upcoming season pass.

I look forward to hearing back from you!“

Copying and pasting this example will get you denied by the way :)

We look forward to receiving you application and will hopefully see you in-game!