House Tremor

Welcome to Tremor,
The Largest of the Triumvirate in Seismic,
The Zeus of the Big Three in Greek mythology,
All important, but none quite as good as Father of the Gods.
Tremor plays host to four divisions within seismic, arguably (although only by my House Head peers, we all know the real truths) the most versatile and well rounded house to join.

- For the competitive edge, you'll find Rainbow Six Siege; the biggest revival success story in recent gaming history & the newest and fastest growing competitive scene to dominate the E-Sports stage.

- For the chaos lovers, you'll find Battlefield; Large scale battles allowing for every avenue of destruction through tanks, planes, infantry and all out mindless war.

- For the grind, jump into Warframe and battle your way across space either as a lone ranger or part of the pack.

- For the nitty gritty, up close and personal, Mordhau is the answer. Cleave heads, dismember limbs or impale with ballista in frontlines or throw the gauntlet down in Duels. Who needs a head anyway?

Usual moral standards apply. Have a laugh, but know when to call it quits if need be. If you need to teach, do so but don't berate or belittle. If you've discovered time travel & you're from the 19th Century, leave your Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism and any other -ism that equates to bigotry right back where you came from. We don't want it here, and Ill make a point not to have you here otherwise.
We're a friendly house, close-knit and like-minded. Here for the games and not for the gick. (Look it up if you don't know what it is.)

Good luck, and when you join us in-game, don't forget.
Tell em Vinnie sent you, for the good stuff.

Divisions within the house