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This is the Call of Duty Division for House Ash. Here we strive to have fun and to meet wonderful people within Seismic. Therefore, we are always looking for others to join and experience an awesome time with each other!

Please make sure to use the correct chats on the discord in the category of House Ash. Since the recent entries in the Call of Duty series support cross play we encourage you to play with your fellow members from the PC CoD Division in House Caldera as well as your fellow console members from the CoD Division in House Ash.

Have fun, stay active, and welcome to the House Ash CoD Division!

The requirements are pretty easy to understand and follow.
Must be 18+
We do not do competition play only in house contest and such.
Please don’t be toxic to other members and to others in games. Don’t give us a bad reputation. Rage quitting is a no go, we are here to have fun and enjoy life and games don’t ruin it for others!

That’s about it for now so keep checking for updates weekly!!