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Welcome to the Hyper Scape, with Seismic! Test your skills with the newest addition of Battle Royale from Ubisoft.

Although competitiveness is key to winning matches in Hyper Scape, our clan is focused on a CASUAL AND CHILLED OUT ENVIRONMENT ONLY. While it is important to win, this place isn't only home for the highest of skilled individuals. It is for anyone of any skill level to hop in, learn the mechanics of the game and enjoy each match to the fullest extent with their fellow clan mates.

You do need to be active in the Voice Channels and a microphone is required - part of what makes Seismic Gaming great are our members and the friendships we form with each other. Verbal communication is therefore vital not just for playing Hyper Scape effectively, but to help everyone make the most of Seismic Gaming's large and active community.

We have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity and any instances will be dealt with swiftly by division officers or any of the higher up staff through Chain Of Command (CoC)

If you DO have any issues with any of the members or staff taking part in this division. Be sure to take this up with the neccessary member of staff, as its impossible to fix an issue that no one else is aware of.

Any questions that you want to ask open up a support ticket in our Discord server.


You can message any of the Division Officer:
- Staff Position OPEN

Your Division Co-ordinator:
- Staff Position OPEN

Or you can message your House Head:

- Activity in our division is required especially voice channel as it keeps the division healthy and growing
- It is also recommended to take your time to both fill out the application as well to read the fine print within the application.

- Have a Microphone
- Have 2 hours of voice activity within two weeks
- 18+