Division SG-DXV

Division SG-DXV

Destiny 2

Welcome to the Seismic Saviours Division page!

When you apply to this Division, you are agreeing to the general Seismic Policies listed on our homepage. In addition to those policies, we have some Division specific policies as well. Don’t worry, these are super easy to follow.


We here in Seismic Saviors require a few things that are listed below in addition to your application.

-A working Microphone
-Activity within the Discord Voice Channels
-Activity within the Game itself
-A positive attitude :D

In addition to being active within our discord and in-game, we have an inactivity policy as well. If you are inactive from the game and/or discord for more than 14 days, we will have to remove you from the division and in-game clan. This is always the worst case scenario and we always have our players in mind. If you are going to be gone for extended periods of time, just let our division coordinator or division officers know in advance so we can hold your place.

This is the fun part! Tell us about you!

-What do you like to do apart from playing Destiny?
-We already know you are interested in video games since you made it to this page, so tell us more about the other things you like to do!
-What are your Hobbies?
-What’s your favorite color?
-Where are you from? (Don’t have to be exact, just gives us an idea of your time zone (: )
-Maybe even what kind of job you have?
-Going to school for anything?

These are just some things that we would like to see in an application. You can add more details if you'd like! But this is what we are looking for.

A few extra things we want to know:
-In game name?
-battle.net username?
-what brought you to Seismic and to our Division?

All these things are to get to know you better as a person, not just some random player to get us through a raid. So if you are cool with all this listed above, then we would love to have you join us!