Division SG-DXIX

Division SG-DXIX

Division 2

We are a friendly and mature community with all kinds of players ranging from competitive to casual. Anyone from around the world can apply and we pride ourselves on helping each other out with levelling and getting geared so that everyone is optimised for future content.

Since Ubisoft has put a cap on all clan groups to 50 we have to have a few in-game clans. ALPHA is at level 30 and we try and keep the most active players in this group. BRAVO is our secondary clan and will house all those not able to join ALPHA due to the limit. We have a third in-game clan CHARLIE however, this is currently at low activity due to member numbers.

We are looking for active players of The Division 2 who enjoy clearing content and helping out others.

This Division is PC Only

If you are a friendly and mature person, who is dedicated to playing The Division 2, then you are more than welcome here. This is an 18+ clan so please only apply if you are old enough.

Please make sure when you fill out this application that you give us an idea of what kind of person you are. Letting us know that you are gamer is obvious, so please tell us a little more about yourself and persuade us as to why you deserve to fill in the next spot in our roster.

Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter if you are casual or a hardcore player.

Discord and a working mic is essential. If accepted you will need to read the DXIX FAQ and Announcement channels and use the voice channels when playing the game, as this is how we track activity.

We look forward to receiving your application.