Division SG-DXIX

Division SG-DXIX

Division 2

We are a friendly community with all kinds of players. At the moment we have three clan groups. We call them Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. We have a spreadsheet where we keep track how everyone is doing.

Alpha will be housing the more active player and everyone will have the opportunity to get there. Since Ubisoft has put a cap on all clan groups to 50 we have to have multiple clans. We really would like to have all three groups at clan level 30. Alpha is 29 so will be the first group at 30.

Bravo is at Lv19 and Charlie is at the moment at 0 so if you are looking to really get involved and help level that clan up that would be much appreciated. Once Bravo hits Lv30 my team and i will move to Charlie to help get that off the ground. Right now we are all just enjoying the game and trying to get the best builds possible before the raids arrive.

If you are a friendly mature person who is dedicated to playing The Division 2 then you are more than welcome here.

Please make sure when you fill out this application that you give us an idea of what kind of person you are. Letting us know that you are gamer is kinda obvious so please tell us a little more about yourself and try to persuade us as to why you deserve to fill in the next spot in our roster.

Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter if you are casual or a hardcore player.

Just enjoy the game with your team mates and make sure to look at the announcement channel in the discord if you get accepted into Seismic.