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Welcome to the Escape from Tarkov Seismic division,

Here in the Escape from Tarkov division we are focused on having a good time and grinding to the best loot. We accept everyone from full blown Chads to the rats in the shadows. Seeing as how we are a new division, we are small but with this games popularity it will surely grow in time. Thank you for your support in helping this community grow, now hurry up and join.

Any questions that you want to ask open up a support ticket in our discord server
You can message me through a DM Kinto#8099

- Division Coordinator

-MUST BE 18+
-We will NOT tolerate toxicity
-We require an active microphone/headset
-To stay in the division you need at least 2 hours of voice activity every two weeks
-For our sake in recruiting please put a short biography so that we may get to know a little about you
-We require you to have fun and game on