Division SG-DXI

Division SG-DXI

Path of Exile

Welcome to Seismic Exile.

We have banded together, exiles across Wraeclast have decided to rise up against the hordes of darkness and anger to restore ourselves to glory. From Hillock on the beach to Atziri's Temple we will push ourselves to the absolute limit and crush skulls as we march forward into the unknown.

--Path Of Exile--

The new league has been announced and will be released on December 7th.

"Division Notes"
The in-game guild will be expanding storage slots periodically each month in hopes of helping newer players who do not have massive stash tabs already get some additional gear without flooding their own stash.

I will be hosting a new player workshop the first week of December for players who have not delved deeply into Path to help them gain a better understanding of the game and limit the massive frustrations that come along with that first skill tree window opening at the end of the tutorial.

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