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-= Applicants =-

It is recommended to take your time to both fill out the application as well to read the fine print within the application.
Hint: Gaming is kind of irrelevant to list, none of us would be here if it was not a hobby/passion/interest of ours.

-= Guild in General =-

Within the Seismic Gaming Path of Exile Division you will find a mix of different cultures working together in order to level up and push their characters to their limits. Whether you are EU or NA, there is usually someone else on with which you could play with. If you're tired of playing alone, Want something new, or you're in an inactive Path of Exile guild, give us a try!

-= Events =-

We are planning on hosting a private league every league!
Currently have around 40+ members in the private league with room for plenty more!!

-= Requirements =-

Voice chat is mandatory!
Must be active in game AND in Discord to some extent within a 14 day period.

You must have discord.
You are not required to be experienced, however you must be an active player.

-=Examples of what to include=-
Hobbies outside of gaming
Musical interests