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Welcome to the Seismic Saviours Division page!

In an effort to simplify the in game clans, we here at Seismic broke them down into divisions! Each division of Destiny 2 will have a maximum of 100 players. When you apply to this Division, you are agreeing to the general Seismic Policies listed on our homepage. In addition to those policies, we have some Division specific policies as well. Don’t worry, these are super easy to follow. So let’s get to what we require for this division shall we?


We here in Seismic Saviors require a few things that are listed below in addition to your application.

-A working Microphone
-Activity within the Discord Voice Channels
-Activity within the Game itself
-A positive attitude :D

In addition to being active within our discord and in game, we have an inactivity policy as well. If you are inactive from the game and/or discord for more than 14 days, we will have to remove you from the division and in game clan. This is always worst case scenario and we always have our players in mind. If you are going to be gone for extended periods of time, just let our division coordinator or division officers know in advance so we can hold your place.

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