We’re happy to announce that Overwatch is launching its first league competition today! Since the rapid revival of the Overwatch division (mostly done in part by SG_Deblip and her team), we finally have enough members to expand the SCL to overwatch! The Overwatch league will last for 10 weeks (ending on July the 18th) with the first match being Team Yeet it! Vs Seismic Slam.

Tomorrow's match with Team “DebsDubs” facing off against “Round Boi Noodles” and Team “Fresh Avocado” competing against “SuperSonic” will be streamed at 8 pm GMT on our main twitch channel!.

Don’t Forget - If you want to take part in the Overwatch SCL or other Overwatch activities be sure to make overwatch your secondary division by clicking “request to join” from this link here.

More Updates about the Overwatch League to come in the near future.