With the new staff having worked a couple of weeks together now, there’s bound to be some progress laying there in terms of events, voice chat activity, banter and many more.


The most recent Pints Night event proved to be a very fun one. Plenty of people joined and attended, people from other divisions as well! It is something to look forward to in the future as it served as a great foundation for some banter and "bonding". Fun custom games events like Michael Myers, Hide and Seek, Zombies, to name a few more. Events like these are surely something we will strive on doing in order to amp up the activity within the division.

We have actively started doing mentoring for our lower ranked members in the past month. New chat has been added to the division category, where questions can be asked without the worry of appearing "noobish". After all, even the higher ranked members are still learning the game each new day. We've all been there.

Community scrims are very engaging and fun for everyone, but the gap with ranks can still be high. That way we see a mix of ranks but always the same higher ranked people doing best in the match. As the activity within the division, and the division numbers as a whole gets bigger, community scrims with rank restrictions will also be implemented. Plat only community scrim, gold only, etc.


Seismic Championship League will soon return with some changes as we continue to experiment with it, finding the best ways to boost viewership and the quality of the tournament itself. DiVinE and Vryks have both managed to create a very fun environment for teams to play in Season 1 and Season 2 respectfully. The next step is on the current staff to increase that fun factor for teams and viewers alike, and at the same time work on boosting the viewership as well.

The competitive stage is seeing improvements. Team Nova.SG has already had few of the external scrims against other teams/clans. The rest are sure to follow in the same path in due time as the team chemistry is worked on more and more with each practice session. There’s still other teams that are learning the ropes and are always in lookout for new members. The plan is to engage with each team as much as possible and to prepare them for the external scrims which can be achieved by playing against in-clan teams, exploiting each other weaknesses and fixing them as we proceed forward.


With the new season almost around the corner, more people will find their way to Seismic. It’s up to us, not only the staff, but the whole division, to ensure that they have the best welcome, to show them that they’ve found themselves a new gaming home they can enjoy being in.

In the end, there's no doubt that Rainbow Six Siege division will continue to grow both in numbers and the quality over time, as the staff has set up a proactive way forward to improving every aspect of it.