We're always hard at work when it comes  to the Seismic website whether it's adding new features, fixing up bugs that DiVinE always seems to make or coming up with fabulous ideas. Over the past couple of months, we've seen huge changes to Seismic. We've built a brand new website, having migrated from our old website back in 2018. We've added Houses to Seismic and so much more. Today, I'm really excited to announce a couple new features.


As Seismic continues to grow at such a rapid rate, we're always thinking of cool ideas where we can continue to connect to each one of our members. We've decided that having a news system in place where we can keep up with regular updates we make to the website, division updates from each of the coordinators and game patches that happen will keep us connected. As at the end of the day, that has always been our goal.

Every week we're going to be talking to each Division Coordinator within Seismic, grabbing information about the division on latest updates and member spotlights. We want you to be able to stay up to date with what is happening throughout Seismic, regardless of what division you're in. 

Division Events!

Events are something we're quite proud of. Throughout Seismic we run numerous of events but the problem we have had is keeping track of it all. We've long wanted to centralise events by having it on the Seismic website, which in theory would help Division Coordinators and Officers better manage each event that takes place. Today, we're glad to announce the release of our Division Events tool. Each division has their own events section, where you will find information about the event, when it's happening and who is participating. We've developed the tool in a way that makes every bodies life that little bit more easier. No more of converting the time to each timezone, we've done that all for you. Once you see 'Local Time', we've automatically converted the time for you. 

You'll also see a countdown on the individual events pages too, which again will help you know when each event is taking place. You can sign up to that event by clicking the 'Join Event' button once logged in.

We've so many more updates to bring you in the coming days/weeks. Huge updates to the SCL too!

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for making Seismic what it is today.