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Hide & Seek - Valorant

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Hello hello,

It's that time of the month again, for the super happy fun time Seismic Valorant event!

This time around it's going to be hide and seek, the way it works is one person will be the seeker and the other 5 hiders. I imagine we'll have more than 6 of us so in that case we'll have a couple lobbies. The seeker(s) can only use guns and no abilities whereas the hiders will have unlimited abilities (without their ults).

The seeker will have 5 minutes to find and kill all of the hiders or if the hiders survive they win. I'll keep track of the points, 5 if you're a seeker that wins a round and 2 points if you're a hider who survives! We'll do 5/6 games so everyone gets a chance to play both sides, may the best man/woman win!


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