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2019-04-07 01:23:32
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2019-04-07 10:21:22

Hi my name is Chris,

My general interests include ice hockey skating, cooking, playing basketball, guitar, piano and drumming, as I currently drum in a metal/rock band which is always good fun.

YouTube was also a big interest of mine for about a year when I was 16 or so. I played Black Ops 3 for the year it was out and in about half a year gained 500 subscribers. I thoroughly enjoyed building up my own community and connecting with them. My channel was based on helping others, as I was very good at the game but lacked charisma at the time, so I gave people tips and was always looking to help others improve. Unfortunately I had to stop as life got in the way!

My current job is being a software developer. I am working on building accounting/trading software from the ground up, which my employer is confident will do extremely well once finished, so while the premise (accounting) is a boring topic, it's always nice to know it will be put to good use. I am thoroughly enjoying my job at the moment, and am always looking forward to the future.

I used to be in a large clan called Tactical Gaming, and was recruited because one of their leaders saw me playing Crysis 3 (long time ago I know!) and thought i was so good that i got invited into their division. I played with them competitively for about a year, but then stopped enjoying the game, as I was moving from xbox to PC at the time, and found new PC games to play. I really enjoyed being part of that clan, and I wanted to join one again, help the other players inside it, and hopefully get better and improve along side them.

I have been playing on PC for about 5 years or so now, and am really enjoying it, so much so that I stopped using my ps4 and xbox one completely. PC is just so much easier, and now that I feel I have *almost* mastered it, I wish to also find some like minded, and friendly players to play with, especially in Apex Legends, as it is a struggle to find people with my play style in that game.

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