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Seismic Leveling and Gearing!

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Hey everyone! This sunday lets get together to get people levelled up and/or Geared!

This event will be available for everyone of any and all skill levels!

We will be running mythic's and Mythic's+ to get people geared and raid ready as we slowly push towards 8.2 and look towards the potential of raiding

For those that are not 120 yet, dont worry as you are not alone! As we have a few people levelling up still, there is the opportunity to get together and smash some skulls on the journey to max!

This event will be starting at around 11am GMT but there is a good chance i will be on before that in azeroth already.

This is going to be a Day event, therefore we will have every opportunity to get as much done as possible, also allowing those who do hit max throughout the day to then join some gearing groups!

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