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2021-09-30 16:31:23
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2021-09-30 16:34:04

I'm Obnoctis, ingame my main name will be Nòct. I'm 30 years old, work close to fulltime, but still like to play videogames. Main interests at the moment are World of Warcraft, Fifa, valorant, League of Legends, and speedrunning singleplayer games. I try to stream on twitch every now and then, but can barely call that a career. I just use it to hang out nowadays, or to record a speedrun to send it to the leaderboards.

Reason I want to join Seismic is because I was looking for a guild again and to join a community. Its mainly why I play wow. I did heroic raiding with my former guild, ended up doing 10/10 hc. I do want to point out I am 10/10 mythic, but I'm just boosted. Even though I am a decent player and 10/10 HC went pretty easy, I dont see myself as a 10/10 mythic raider, and I really wanted the mount. I'm not the person to shove that into peoples faces, but if others call me out on it, I'm also not ashamed of getting it this way.

So for now I just see myself as a social raider if thats okay. My ilvl atm is 248. And I'm a frost mage. Once 9.1.5 drops I will probably try out arcane, but you should expect me to stay frost. Which is why I prefer a social raid over progression, because that might require me to switch spec, and I dont have the gear, nor feel like it.

Its a long read, but if you still have questions just ask away.

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