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2019-01-31 19:51:33
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2019-01-31 20:19:19

I'm a Canadian business student and passionate gamer. My primary career interest is project/team management, specifically in the video game dev industry, or esports. I've worked a couple summers as a certified tennis and badminton coach, and then tried my hand at coaching Overwatch in an amateur league (Gold/Plat) last summer while working full-time at my first internship (was a Coordinator for R&D at a large construction company). I enjoy finding the best ways to help others improve/grow in sports, whether they be electronic or traditional, because I find in the process of helping others I learn a lot about myself. Right now I'm back to focusing on school, so I have less time to game and have stepped back from all OW coaching involvements. That said, I'm really interested in playing Anthem and would like friends to play with to get the best experience. And hope maybe I'll find some good folks to play other games with in future when I have more time. I've been a die-hard fan of Destiny since late 2013 (yes before it was out) so the world and gameplay of Anthem have me really excited. I'm actually a PvP junkie, the Crucible was my favorouite place to be in Destiny and I've been playing Ovewatch since release (Plat s2-4, Diamond s5-s13, currently mid-Diamond with a peak of Master this season). But when I'm in good company I love PvE just as much. Outside of gaming my hobbies/interests consist mostly of outdoor sports (skiing, MTB, hiking), movies/TV (Monty Python, Tarantino, Guillermo del Toro, John Wick sorta stuff), books (the Stormlight Archive is something I started and am dying to finish when I have more time), and music (violin, though I don't play much anymore, and EDM, but like old Skrillex or deadmau5, not that newer pop-EDM stuff). I also like to write a lot if that wasn't apparent. :D

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