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Saturday Hunt

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Hello fellow Hunters!
Saturday hunts are easygoing hunts. No need to pressure yourself into anything! Just lay back, put on some monster hunter and talk with great people around :) There's only one rule: enjoy and have fun!

What are we doing?
* Are you new to the game and do you need some help beating those bastards?! Join in and we'll make sure those monsters won't give you any more nightmares.
* Are you looking for a particular armour set to grind? Yeah no biggie, we've all been there. Just shout 'FUCKING [insert monster name] gem' and we'll know what time it is.
* Are you part of the Seismic Clan, but do you wanna just check us and the game out? Join in, we'll fill in on what you want to know or wanna try!
* I heard there was a particular BIG monster hanging around in the new world: Kulve Taroth. Having the gold rush fever? We can run the event quest until you have what you need!

Wanna do something that isn't on the list? It's Saturday, isn't it? Don't fuss further and we'll do something we all wanna do!
Iceborne(DLC)-less ? Don't worry!

See ya then!

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