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Tourney: 1v1 Airhockey

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We've been wanting to do a 1v1 tourney for some time now and finally have the opportunity with the cutom maps in play.
We've streamlined the process for joining and hosting custom games. To get set up, go check out the posts in #dix-announcements above this weeks events.

(Note, this tourney is for Steam and Epic players only, due to the custom map.)

The rules of the jig:
‣ No dress code, but put all your heaviest attires on. We don't want you to blow away.
‣ 1v1
‣ 2 matches are played and streamed parallell to eachother.
‣ Custom Map: LethAirHockey, the game is happening near the ground and the field isn't as wide as the normal field.
‣ Basically Snowday.
‣ Round Robin ≤ 5 paticipants < Brackets
‣ Reward: Limited items from the prize bag. 1st & 2nd: 2 each, 3d & 4th : 1 each.
First place also get to change the name of either SG-Ikea, SG-Scintillic, SG-Soleniea, SG-Maple or SG- Randy for 48h!

Since no teams need to be made you'll only need to sign-up 15 min ahead of time.
You snooze you lose!

We'll see you on Sunday!

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