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Tourney: St Patty's Day

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Get in touch with your inner Irish, because this week's tourney is going full leprechaun mode!

This'll be something a little different - we're doing a Rumble on a custom multiplayer map. We've streamlined the process for joining and hosting custom games. To get set up, go check out latest posts in #dix-announcements.

(Note, this tourney is for Steam and Epic players only, due to the custom map.)

The rules of the jig:
‣ Dress in your truest greens and brightest oranges
‣ 3v3 or 4v4 (according to number of players)
‣ Custom Map: LethDoubleSize (you'll feel half the size, 'cause the map is twice as large!)
‣ Rumble (hope you can find a 4-leaf clover because you'll need a little the luck of the Irish on your side!)
‣ Casual mode - both teams in the same voice channel
‣ Balanced by 3v3 MMR
‣ Round robin
‣ Reward: Each winner picks 2 items from the Import grab bag!

Please sign up at least 30min before start time, out of respect for the other participants.

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