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-= Ethos =-

In the rainbow 6 siege division we are looking to facilitate a friendly, respectful but competitive environment for people to have fun and make friends as well as find the serious competitive vibe that people are looking for out of a tactical shooter. We have a lot of people who are here just to play casually and make some friends and it is important to us that we everyone is treated equally, that being said they are plenty who are here to just play ranked and find a stable group to play with.

Whatever you are looking for there is a space for you within the community. We are looking to create a active community so that everyone can look for a group and find one all in one place.

-= Community =-

I as the game coordinator run monthly events for the whole community to participate in, that being said anyone and everyone are more than welcome to run events for siege whether it be scrims or just some good old fashioned messing around. We also boast a competitive team within the community run by SG_Milanoszz so if you looking to get really serious about rainbow 6 siege he is the man to get in contact with. He does a fantastic job if i do say so myself.

-= Future =-

In the future we are looking to set up a mentoring section to the discord, where people who are new to the game or those who are looking to get better from some of the more experience plays can do so. We will be looking to set up schedules for mentors with time slots so that mentors can slot people in easily and efficiently.

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