House Mantle

HOUSE MANTLE - The Foundation.

G'day to you reading, hopefully this is the first step before we see you in Clan.

We absolutely, above all, value you for your personality, and we want you to fit well here. Please put time into your last clan application, as once you're in & experiencing Seismic through House Mantle eyes, you'll see there's no reason to stray. If you had hindsight first, you'd kick yourself for not searching us earlier! Save future pain by hitting "join us".

We are definitely a global clan, with divisions being active throughout the day, every day. Our foundation is Discord, because games shouldn't be done single player, or you're missing out on some brilliant conversations & banter, as well as finding that team that'll get you where you need to be content-wise. Because of this, you'll find people from all walks of life, all around the world (NOT just EU), working together to make this a reality - instead of some trite greeting on a web page. I'm fairly confident to say we've achieved it, too.

The usual rules apply to voice chat, of course, to keep the conversation happy. Politics, religion, and ethnic cleansing are hot-topics to upset most people, so we'll leave them outside. Tell us something about a hobby, past hilarious experience, or something unique to where you live. My world knowledge has tripled or more since joining, and hopefully we can be here to expand your mind as well. This is the happy place, where we come together and fire bullets at pixels and laugh uproariously (*Strong Language if PVP).

I could go on & on, but the only way I can show you what the Mantle is, is for you to see it for yourself.

See you shortly.

Divisions within the house